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                                                                2013 Group Championship Show

  Our 2013 Group Championship Judges 

(Crufts Qualifier 2014)


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All Terrier Association Group Championship

Results 2013


Best In Show

West Highland White Terrier IR Ch Havasu Hugo Boss

Australian SilkyCh Curiosity Love Affair

Kerry Blue Kebulak Kiss This

Bull Terrier Zaracle Zundae Best


Best Pup In Show 1-4

Bull Terrier Mini Mamma Mia

Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Tristan Tobias Kni-York

Wire Fox Terrier Staremesto Strike a Pose

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Precious Blood


Best Baby Pup in Show 1-3

Scottish Terrier  Mullachbui Golden Pixie

American Staffordshire Terrier Plcoolast Will Power

Irish Soft Coated Wheaten  Hobel Miss You Nights


Best Veteran In Show 1-3

Wire Fox Terrier Crystalwire Solo of Brookside

Cesky Terrier Beauty Pibaro

Dandie Dinmont Terrier Dengold Gypsy Moth at Millerim



Airedale Terriers

GSB and BOB -  S Knight’s Ch, INt Ch Mynight Maid of the Mist (Jun Ch, CJW 11, An Ch 12, CW13, JD, Interra Jun Winner 11)

GSD – S Knight’s Mynight Denman (Jun Ch, JD, CJW11, CW13, Interra Jun Winner 11)


American Staffordshire Terriers

GSD and BOB M Troy’s Make Me Proud Ast Team


Australian Silky Terriers

GSD and BOB – K Sharp Dixon, J Reyes and K Lawless’s  Ch Curiosity Love Affair.

GSB – D McDonald’s Revloch Kiss Me Quick


Border Terriers

GSB and BOB – E and M Armstrong’s Ploughdown Portia

GSD – A Taylor’s Ch Taylortay Howgate  Wonder (Jun Ch, An Ch 11)


Bull Terriers

GSG and BOB – C O’Prey’s Zaracle Zundae Best

GSD – C Dobbin and G Van Eck’s Debully In for the Kill


Bull Terrier Miniature

GSD and BOB – Salewski – Mielchen’s Ger Ch Easy Rider of Slanting Shore

GSB – B and M Orr’s Mamma Mia


Cairn Terrier

GSD and BOB - C Mikkelsen’s Charmin Cairn’s Wild Bill Hickok

GSB - L Alexander’s Stirlingview Peggy Sue


Cesky Terrier

GSB and BOB – S Atter’s Ridley Ulrika

GSD – P and J Dooner’s Ridley Ulicnik (CJW 13, CW13, JWW, Hun Jun CH)


Dandie Dinmont Terrier

GSD and BOB – L Milliner’s Xenon Z Roxburku Sun At Millerim

GSBR and T Shorten’s Ir Ch Estill Ingavoe At Puddockswell


English Toy Terrier

GSD and BOB – P Thomas’s Int and Ir Ch Thalycon Celtic Crusader ( Jun Ch, ANCh11, 12, CW 12, 13, Interra Jun Ch 11)


Fox Terrier Smooth

GSB and BOB - J Hartigan’s Ch Migley Field of Gold

GSD – J Hartigan’s Edergold Classic of Rockenhart


Fox Terrier Wire

GSD and BOB – C and T Broaders’ Ch Crystalwire Solo of Brookside (An Ch 12)

GSB – A Magill’s Burrencroft She’s a Hit at Gambrae


Irish Glen of Immal Terrier

GSD and BOB – A White’s Ch Abberann Karl

GSB – S Sutton’s Poachersmoon Sissy McGinty


Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

GSB and BOB – J Kealy’s Ch Dalster Giselle (Jun Ch CW11)

GSD – D Evans-Barry’s Ch Hobel La Nollaig (Jun Ch, CJW 11)


Irish Terrier

GSB and BOB – M Dowling’s Padfoot Blath (Jun Ch)

GSD – J Harty and M Lovelace’s Ch Rowantree With Brazan


Jack Russell Terrier

GSB and BOB – m Dunne’s Ir Ch Krisbos Esmirlada (CJW13)

GSD – A Taylor’s Taylortay Bodgereedoo


Kerry Blue Terrier

GSD and BOB – C Davani and C Neill’s Kebulak Kiss This

GSB – C Neill’s Kebulak Filthy Love


Lakeland Terrier

GSB and BOB – T and C Broaders’ Kebulak Lady Madonna of Brookside

GSD – Kebulak Sixty Minute Man


Manchester Terrier

GSB and BOB – P Thomas’s Ch Joemario Maid of Jass (Jun Ch, Cn CH 12, CW13)


Norfolk Terrier

GSB and BOB – A Palmer’s Ch Anlando Moet Maud (Jun Ch, CW12)


Parson Russell Terrier

GSD and BOB – P and J Dooner’s Jappatin Charlie Fox

GSB – M O’Gorman and S and W Western’s Jappatin Foxy Lady


Scottish Terrier

GSB and BOB – M, A and B Leonard’s Plenard Celia You’re Breakin’ My Heart (Jun Ch)

GSD – S and H Wright’s Ch Slievecroob True Tartan


Sealyham Terrier

GSD and BOB – J Hogan’s Atticus Of Mistywaters

GSB – D Moore and J Connery’s Cicely Millenium Star


Staffordshire Bull Terrier

GSD and BOB – D and M Connaughton’s Ch Zack Chasrock ( Jun Ch, JD)

GSB – M Corcoran’s Ch Molru Cosmic Love



Welsh Terrier

GSB and BOB - D Hughes and R Pearce’s Knowleion Bertha Brainbox

GSD – C Hackett’s Bridgeways Lucky Strike


West Highland White Terrier

GSD and BOB – J Jenkins’ IR Ch Havasu Hugo Boss

GSB – J Jenkins’ Markstown Tail Her Maid


Yorkshire Terrier

GSD and BOB – C Beattie and R McCarry-Beattie’s Ch Brilliance Shine of Glory Around Areown.

GSB – R Fisenko’s Rigair Diamante Della Dolche Vita


Junior Handling

1 C Broaders

2 O McDonald

3 S Sas

4 C Corcoran




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