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                                                 2015 Group Championship Show 

15 August 2015

Judge: Mr Nick HammondMan

Many thanks to our photographer Tony Dunne!!


Best In Show Tina and Catherine Broaders' Lakeland Terrier Ch Brookside Aristocrat

Best Pup In Show Darwin Martin and Paul Burke's Kerry Blue Terrier Gaelgorm Lucy's Blu Desire

Best Baby Pup in Show  Tina and Catherine Broaders' Wire Fox Terroer Crystalwire Skyfall

Best Veteran In Show Jennifer Kealy's Airedale Terrier Ch Kealdale Simply the Best


 Airedale Terrier

GSB and BOB S Knight's Ch & Int Ch Mynight Maid of the Mist

GSD R and M Gregg's Ch, UK and Int Ch Bambusa Most Noble

BVIB  J Kealy's Ch Kealdale Simply the Best


 American Staffordshire Terrier

GSB and BOB M Troy's Ch Candy Cush

GSD M Troy's Delboy Cushty


Australian Silky Terrier

GSD and BOB D McDonald's Ch Curiosity Hit the Headline

GSB  T Mackrell, V Dowty and  JConnolly's Ch Marfick Fair Lady

BBPIB B Reeves' Fearnach Little Adonis

BPIB K Whiteford's Dali's Dreesed for Success


Australian Terrier

GSD and BOB S McCourt and P Eardley's Wilfnbell Red Fanatic at Sherex

GSB  S McCourt and P Eardley's Ch and GB Ch Silhill Royal Blue


Bedlington Terrier

GSD and BOB and BPIB S Sutton's Blue Moon Boyd

Border Terrier

GSD and BOB M Holmes' Barnby Caramel Wafer at Bimandi

GSB E and M Armstrong's Ch and GB Ch Ploughdown Portia

BBPIB C Theobald's Bimandi's Banarama


Bull Terrier

GSD and BOB M Sineri's Ch Cosmopolotan Space Oddity Moonflower

GSB C and G Dobbin's Debully Vagabond Queen

BPIB S Ennis' Bullrossa Snow Fall


Bull Terrier Mini

GSB and BOB  C and G Dobbin's Ch and GB Ch Warbonnet Tinkerbella

GSD G and L Cox's Coxgal Lord Monty


Cairn Terrier

GSD and BOB M Hogarty's Ch Cadagio Dont Stop me Now

GSB  M Hogarty's Ch Cadagio Turning Tables

BPIB M Hogarty's  Cadagio Right Here


Cesky Terrier

GSB and BOB P and J Dooner's Ch Ridley Ulrika

GSD S Atter's Scotsman's Cumel


Dandie Dinmont Terrier

GSB and BOB R and M Gregg's Ch Ellabeth Amabilisdandie at Bambusa

GSD R and M Gregg's Ch Dariant Lui Vencedor de mi Soul at Bambusa

BPIB Dandiroyal Helga Hufflepuf


English Toy Terrier

GSD and BOB P Thomas' Royomas Pied Piper


Smooth Fox Terrier

GSB and BOB J Hartigan's Ballougry Snowdrop of Rockenhart

GSD J Hartigan's Edergold Classic of Rockenhart


Wire Fox Terrier

GSD and BOB H O'Donoghue's Blackdale Academy

GSB R Pearce and D Hughes' Alkinra Rough Diamond

BBPIB T and C Broaders'  Crystalwire Skyfall

BPIB V Coutts' Burrencroft Wild At Heart 


Irish Glen of Immal Terrier

GSD and BOB A White's Ch and GB Ch Aberann Phelan

GSB S Sutton's Poachersooon Sissy McGinty

 Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

GSB and BOB B Hanna's Ir Ch and GB Ch  Kinaelan Quietly Confident

GSD B Hanna's Knaelan Finlandia Finnian

BPIB B Hanna's Celtannia Extra Confident at Kinaelan

BVIB D Evans Barry's Ch Briankeen J O


Irish Terrier

GSD and BOB M Doyle's Ch Inisfire Regal Rory

GSB M Dowling's Branrealt Persephone

BPIB G Delaney's Carliams Red Dawn


Jack Russell Terrier

GSB and BOB L Hancock's  Krisbos Flori at Hancourt

GSD G Dolan's Krisbos Gambling Man

BBPIB Turner, MacDonald and Alexander'sJarot Here To Stay

BPIB A Taylor's Taylortay My Way


Kerry Blue Terrier

GSD and BOB H and H Quigg's Irisblu Jack of Diamonds

GSB H and H Quigg's Irisblu Candy Stripes

BPIB  D Martin and P Burke's  Gaelgorm Lucy's Blu Desire


Lakeland Terrier

GSD and BOB T and C Broaders' Ch Brookside Aristocrat

GSB  T and C Broaders'  Brookside Sweetheart


Manchester Terrier

GSD and BOB Med Park, Kelly and Hough Rattustrap Proper Job

GSB P Thomas' Int and Ir Ch Joemario Maid of Jazz


Norfolk Terrier

GSD and BOB M Healy and M Kirby's Ch Craigue at Bellevue

GSB A Palmer's Anlado Apis Regina


Norwich Terrier 

GSB and BOB S & C Collins and K Woods' Ch Jaeva Newsflash

GSD S & C Collins and K Woods' Ch Jaeva Son of A Gun


Parson Russell Terrier

GSD and BOB J Duke and T Gill's Rushden Gorgeous George

GSB K Rimmer's Kylini Magical Myst

BPIB P and J Dooner's Green Perry's Scarlett O Hara

BVIB  J Duke and T Gill's Rocfalls Diamond Dust


Scottish Terrier

GSB and BOB C, C and E Aiken's Ch Slievecroob Scotch Piper

GSD and BPIB  C, C and E Aiken's Lomondview Cappuccino at Slievecroob


Staffordshire Bull Terrier

GSD and BOB D Magee's Bultery Action Replay

GSB J Raunmiagi's Bultery Worth The Wait

BBPIB M Corcoran and L O'Donovan's Molru Alright Dave

BPIB J White's Trabhgorm Ruler Of The World

BVIB J Coffey's Aboriginal David's Angel


Welsh Terrier

GSB and BOB D and W Hughes and R Pearce's  Knowleion Keep It Secret

GSD D Martin and P Burke's Peggillo Devils Dues at Gaelgorm

BPIB  D Martin and P Burke's Knowleion Naughty Nesta Gaelgorm


West Highland White Terier

GSD and BOB J Flamang and J Jenkins' Magic Matisse Vom Maerchengarten

GSB A Gilmartin' Ch Loughallen Orka Dazzler


Yorkshire Terrier

GSD and BOB R McCarry-Beattie's Seemples Sergai

GSB R McCarry-Beattie's Colbyco On the Catwalk

BBPIB  R McCarry-Beattie's Branstock Abracadabra

BPIB Danguole's Pastorale Nova Extreme Position





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